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Veena Malik suffered a Big Loss on Big Boss. She had a wardrobe malfunction. Our sources claim that it was most likely intentional to grab headlines/votes. However, such nudity cannot be shown on Indian TV so channel never broadcasted the clip.  Feel sorry for you Veena. Nothing seems to be working for you. You try to hard I guess.

Dheeraj Dixit - Veena Malik - Bookie

Dheeraj Dixit - Veena Malik

After an unexplained silence, Dikshit today hit back at the Pakistani actress, who had alleged that he used to fix matches along with her ex-boyfriend pacer Mohammad Asif. The latest accusations could land Veena in trouble in India who is currently participating in reality show “Big Boss”.

Dikshit says he has written to the Ministry of External Affairs, demanding the cancellation of Malik’s visa. Dikshit claimed that Veena Malik is a bookmaker.  According to the MidDay interview, Dikshit says: “She claimed to manage seven Pakistani cricketers and said she could strike a deal for fixing matches with their help. She did not name the players but told me that if I so wished, we could do a big deal. In January she told me the results of Pakistan’s upcoming series with Australia, Sri Lanka and England in August. Her predictions came out true. She told me Pakistan was already on a tour and all the matches had been fixed there.”