Na Aana Is Desh Laado

The story actually revolves arounds Ammaji who is a victim of mindset that males are a boon to the society, and females are a bane. She does everything to serve the needs of the male section of society, whether it be promoting female infanticide, allowing men to beat their not obeying wives, ban on women’s education or remarriage of a married man not happy with his wife , and thus keeping them with herself. This sinister colony of Ammaji is challenged by Sia who enters the village as a social activist. However Ammaji fools her by getting Sia married to her son, Raghav and thus being her mother-in-law tries to suppress her voice but that comes to a fail when Raghav starts to follow Sia who, he finds, always stands for the truth. She also forms a gang of her own with the married women of Ammaji’s household (Sheela, Santosh, Jhumar, Chanda and Sunehri) who suffer day to day insults at the hands of their husands and Ammaji. Now the challenge of Ammaji is not only Sia but her own son and daughter-in-laws too. Her sons Joginder and Gajender are like her and do bad things. Gajender and Sunehri have a son named Aditya. Chanda had initially had 2 daughters with Avtaar but they were killed. Chanda finally gives birth to a son-Rajveer. She nearly lost her husband to Rangeeli but defeated her in the end. Joginder and Santosh have a terrible relationship. Sheela is Ammaji’s devrani. Amba is Ammaji’s daughter whom she had given away for killing. However, when Ammaji learnt that Daaku Amba is her daughter she helps her escape from her sons, Joginder and Gajender who want to kill her. However, now an old enemy of Ammaji’s has resurfaced-Bhanupratap. His enemity dates back 25 years. His sister Bajri was in an affair with Ammaji’s husband and concieved a child. In a skirmish the child was killed and Bajri became crazy. Bhanupratap plans on killing Ammaji’s entire family. Ammaji’s niece Jhumar has been killed. Jhumar’s romance with Dheeraj failed and he left the village. Ammaji’s devar Dharamveer was with Bhanupratap but was killed by his son, Avtaar for betrayal. Sia shall also die after giving birth to twins. In a battle with Bhanupratap, Ammaji and her family are forced to flee Veerpur. Santosh, who is pregnant, is left behind, unfortunately. Ammaaji and her family keep trying to find a safe place only to keep running into Bhanupratap. Amba returns and is going to help Ammaji and her family.


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