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Gaurav Khanna – “I always wait for the cash that my elders used to give”.


Parul Chauhan – “After Bidaai I have got everything that I have asked for.”

Sushant Rajput – “When I was in Delhi I had a neighbour who was about my age and he was my biggest competitor in getting up early and bursting crackers. I always used to wait for him to wake up and as soon as he gets out of the house I used to light rockets and send it towards his house”.

Ankita Sharma – “When I was in the third standard, I saw boys lighting ‘chakris’ and jumping over it to show their smartness. Once I too felt like doing the same thing but I stepped onto it barefoot and I burnt my feet.”

Neil Bhatt on his Diwali Mischeifs

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Celebrity
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Neil Bhatt – “We used to collect chemical from the bombs and fill it in the matchboxes after which we would light it inside the garbage bins kept on the streets”.

Ragini Khanna – ” While bursting crackers I m extremely careful because once my brother’s friend’s hand got burnt while bursting crackers. That sight has haunted me very badly and since then, I am really careful with those stuffs. In real, I am a very silent person and pretty innocent and not at all troublesome.”

Raunaq Ahuja on Diwali

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Celebrity
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Raunaq Ahuja – “When I was small I was lighting one of the bombs that we had bought and that too with the phuljhadi and I didn’t know when the bomb got lit and it burst. For two days I could hear only a buzzing sound in my ear and that was really disturbing.”