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Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari

Tiwari quotes:

1. It was a bad decision. We spent 16 hours together but the channel showed only one hour, which was about fights, back biting. Bigg Boss is only for those, who have nothing else to do in life or have been paid huge amount to stay put. The show bosses like sensationalism.
2. I am happy that I came out of the show when it was getting dirtier. I think I was evicted not because of public but because Bigg Boss did not want me. I don’t see how Ashmit could survive on the show. He had no public support. I don’t trust their voting system.
3. Veena is good for the channel. It is hard to understand that girl, she loves drama. I did not get positive vibes from Ashmit and Sara from the very beginning. They turned my best friend Shweta against me.
– Show quoted text –

Friends turn foes – Once co-actors in a movie and regarded as good friends, fought on Big Boss 4 today. Tiwari nominated Sweta for eviction and called her manipulative, diplomatic and arrogant. Sweta tried to resolve the matter, but it only got worse. It looks there is some history between these two as they fought like old lovers and picked on each other citing petty issues.

Tiwari also shaved off his trademark mustache and looked really different and super funny. Guess we will get to see a lot close shaved fights between these two from now on.