TV Hot Couples

They say opposites attract! See for yourself. Look at the hot and not-so-hot couples from Indian TV industry. Some people just seem cursed to fall in love at first site, some wait a while before, and even that’s not always successful. But there are couples out there who have endured through thick and thin, and for that, they are stronger.

Happy engagement, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, new love, true love or no love, whatever brings you here, from all or none of the above,

We love you all.

Arhaan and Pooja – Pratigya

Harshand and Anupriya – Tere Liye

Sushant and Ankita – Pavitra Rishta

  1. bhavni says:

    best tv jodi is manav and archana (Sushant/Ankita) you guys..all the best..

  2. Shells Gupta says:

    Hi Bhavni,

    Thanks for the input. I will soon put up posts on Manav and Archana.


  3. Mannyou says:


    write something about Fashion TV too.


  4. sheena says:

    best jodi is Maan and Geet only.

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