‘BITTO’ is set against the backdrop of social discrimination in a village in Uttar Pradesh. It depicts the tyranny inflicted by the upper castes on the lower castes. Bitto (Pallavi Gupta) is a young simple village girl with simpler dreams of having a happy and secure home and family. Unlike her sister Rajjo (Vandana Lalwani) who has a fiery temperament, ‘Bitto’ is shy and timid and lives in a village that has clear demarcations between the lower castes and the upper castes. The members from the lower caste are subjected to discrimination and vicious atrocities by Bade Thakur (Vaquar Shaikh) who represents the upper caste and is the gram pradhan of the village. Bitto shares a close bond with her sister Rajjo and fears for her. Bitto sees the cruelty that Bade Thakur unleashes around her on her people.  Whether Bitto succeeds in defying the regulations set on her and her community for deriving a respectful living is at the heart of the narrative.


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