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Veena Malik performing at the Lux Style Awards...

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Veena Malik is a pakistani version of our own Rakhi Sawant. These girls know how to stay in news by providing cheap headlines. They succeed at this as well.

There is no limit that these girls will not cross. Veena Malik is allegedly a bookie having suspicious relations with cricketers. Rakhi has managed to kill a man. I hope she gets some sort of punishment for this act. But that will just add to her publicity.

In spite of all this, they are becoming role models for girls today. That is sad, sad, sad reality.




Rakhi on sets of Rakhi-ka-insaaf

Laksham Prasad, a resident of Jhansi’s Prem Nagar town, appeared on show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’. The show was aimed to settle the dispute between Lakhsham and his wife Vineeta, who were living separately due to some discord.

However, Rakhi went overboard to give some uptick to a very lacklustre show. According to Prasad’s mother Savitri Ahirwal, ‘My son was so upset with the indecent remarks that he stopped meeting any outsiders or neighbours, who used to laugh at him referring to the remarks by Rakhi Sawant…They (neighbours) had seen the show and how that girl (Sawant) referred to my son as ‘namard and napunsak’ (impotent)”.

She further said, ‘Upset over the remarks, my son went into acute depression and even stopped eating food… He gradually became weak and frail and ultimately died yesterday… No one other than Rakhi Sawant is responsible for the untimely death of my son”.

Rakhi could land up in big legal trouble. She drove a man to commit suicide. I sense a case of abetment to suicide. I think the show should be immediately stopped as Rakhi is totally irresponsible person and not suitable host for such a show. Kiran Bedi hosted a similar show “Aap Ki Kachehri“. She however was very responsible and had the required background to resolve such issues. Channels should be more sensitive to this issue.