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Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor

Ultra secretive Ekta Kapoor made a rare appearance on TV. She met Salman on sets of Bigg Boss and promoted her new movie – Raginni MMS which again about the theme Love, Sex and Dhoka.


Tere Liye is a journey of a couple in love. It portrays their growth as they discover love; how they learn to handle it when they know it’s for real with them and finally become so mature even to make sacrifices for it! Tere Liye is my tribute to the English sitcom The Wonder Years.

Ekta Kapoor confirmed that Tere Liye is based on her life, “If I could put a part of my life in a show, it’s in Tere Liye.” However, she was careful to draw the line, “No it’s not all about my life.”

She goes on to tell, “The show has a lot of inspiration from my teenage years.  All of my feelings from my teenage years…what I went through when I had my first pimple…how I felt when I went to school one day and everyone was celebrating Valentine’s Day…all of my emotional ups and downs that I went through during such times have been incorporated into the show.”

Ekta Kapoor should next produce a serial Badsoorat beti and she may act in that herselves.


Ekta Kapoor’s relationship

Lot of people are curious to know whether Ekta Kapoor is single and ready to mingle. So here we have the Breaking News. Lot many of you would be surprised to know that her dream man is none other than the Dashing, Charming Rajiv Khandelwal. Now, you must be wondering who is he…ok, ok,…though he is not as much famous and popular as Ekta is…You remember the guy who once came in a movie “Aamir”, then hosted “Sach ka Samna” on Star Plus. Yes guys, he is the one.

Ekta Kapoor has herself admitted on a TV show that Rajiv is just the man she wants in life. Hmmm. Surprisingly, Rajiv started his career with Ekta Kapoor’s serial “Kahin to Hoga”, but then Ekta Kapoor’s love came in between and Rajiv said no, hence he was chucked out of the serial and her life too..Good for him as he got better things in life (both personally and professionally 😉