Krishnaben Khakhrawala

Krishnaben Khakhrawala story is based on the Khakra of Krishnaben. The story is set in Mumbai. Krishnaben Ka Khakra is not the biggest snack brand but it is definitely the most loved in Ahmedabad.

People like and love Krishnaben more than her Khakhra. She is about 45 year old. She is an icon for the common man. Her energy, hard work and her image of an ideal mother is recognized by people in this region. She is a sensitive business woman also.

Life of Krishnaben has been a mixed bag of joy and pain but Krishnaben has taken everything in her stride to become what she is today. Krishnaben’s husband, Ravi expired within 12 years of their marriage.

Krishnaben took responsibility of her 3 sons – 10 years old Ishaan, 9 years old Nilay, 7 years old twins Uday and a daughter – Damini very carefully in Krishnaben Khakhrawala on Sony TV.

Krishnaben raised the children and faced life with a lively and undying spirit. She is also a loving, caring and religious woman. She has principle, positive thinking and strong will.


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