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Bigg Boss HouseThis week, inmates get to sleep from 4am in the morning to 12 noon. So, the alarm to get up will ring at sharp 12 noon, after which their activity for the day will start.

The activity includes having two people siting on a weighing scale throughout day and night to keep it balanced.


Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari

Tiwari quotes:

1. It was a bad decision. We spent 16 hours together but the channel showed only one hour, which was about fights, back biting. Bigg Boss is only for those, who have nothing else to do in life or have been paid huge amount to stay put. The show bosses like sensationalism.
2. I am happy that I came out of the show when it was getting dirtier. I think I was evicted not because of public but because Bigg Boss did not want me. I don’t see how Ashmit could survive on the show. He had no public support. I don’t trust their voting system.
3. Veena is good for the channel. It is hard to understand that girl, she loves drama. I did not get positive vibes from Ashmit and Sara from the very beginning. They turned my best friend Shweta against me.
– Show quoted text –

Seema Parihar is getting an image makeover. She has been most docile (read boring) inmate till now. Producers are now giving her an image makeover to make her look more interesting. She has been instructed to speak more. Now, she tries to get into fights with or without any reason. I pity the producers, they are struggling after exit of Dolly Bindra. I think they need her back and soon.

Dolly Bindra

Dolly Bindra - Tortured

Dolly Bindra claims that except Khali everyone on the show tortured her.

She said, “They had preformed gangs, they used to threaten to beat me. They wouldn’t give me food. They would give me expired food to eat or lessen the quantity. They would weaken me, but I enjoyed myself. You know, they underestimated me and I showed them who was the boss!”

Well, we all know the truth. But one thing is clear she has perfected the art of staying in news, whether in Big Boss house or outside it.

Sameer soni samir

Sameer Soni

Sameer Soni was probably the only inmate on Big Boss that we will like our kids to have a look at. He exhibited all qualities that we want our kids to emulate.

Well-behaved – He behaved well all through.
Righteous – Did right things.
Good communicator – Talked properly.
Brave – Fought when necessary. He stood alone against Dolly Bindra.

This former investment banker turned model/actor thinks that pressure brings best out of him, as he is otherwise a boring person.

I am sad that he got kicked and the way he got out. Certainly, Big Boss lost lot of credibility by the way they handled this. Sameer Soni feels that it was not a wise decision by Big Boss. I will agree with that. What do you say guys?

Raja Chaudhary with Shraddha Sharma

Raja Chaudhary with Shraddha Sharma

Is Raja Chaudhary the most stupid person on TV? He certainly acts stupid and even looks stupid. How come this rude pig gets around everytime he misbehaves? Why girls do not take him to task? After all, he is a small time actor. His biggest achievement is that he was a finalist in Big Boss. Shweta Tiwari tolerated this mimbo for years. Recently, Raja Chaudhary broke into her house and beat her boyfriend Abhinav Kohli as well.

Now, he has done it again. He beat Shraddha (his current girlfriend) so badly that she ended up in hospital. Our sources told us that Shraddha also might not go to police.

I hope Shraddha shows some guts and puts this sausage into his right place.