Ek Chutki Aasman

‘Ek Chutki Aasman’ is a story of Chutki(Roshni Parekh) a 7 year old girl, living in a small village near Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Chutki is a sunshine girl and as she walks into places she brings smiles on people’s faces. Chutki is the daughter of Naresh and Hemangi(Chavvi Mittal). It is a fairly good life, but things change when her father dies in a freak accident on site and soon enough the mother and daughter are thrown out of their own house unceremoniously, by Chutki’s grandparents. Hemangi has no other option but to come and stay with her brother Ramakant(Manav Sohal). Ramakant is a farmer, who owns a small piece of land. An unfateful turn in his life leaves him broke, almost bringing him to the verge of selling off his only field and source of livelihood. Sandhya(Harshada Khanvilkar), Ramakant’s wife is unhappy with Hemangi and Chutki staying with them. But Ramakant’s son Bablya (Pritish Roy) is very happy to have Chutki in their house. He is Chutki’s best friend. Sandhya starts insinuating that either Hemangi gets a job, or else finds another place to stay. Hemangi is helpless and unsure of her daughter’s future and left with no other option leaves for Mumbai in hope of a better future for her daughter, leaving little Chutki with Ramakant. For the first time Chutki cries. After Hemangi’s departure Chutki longs for her mother’s love and finally one day circumstances take such a turn that Chutki finds herself all alone on a journey that hopefully would unite her with her mother.


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